Building A Home Aquarium This June Holidays

For most families, the most awaited time of the year is the holidays. It is the time that everyone deserves after a year of working, going to school, or just even functioning daily. Especially for children and students, summer breaks and short-term vacations are exceptional. However, during holidays, we usually look for an activity to make ourselves busy and fun. 

Don’t let yourself get bored. Why not engage in doing something worthwhile, like building and creating your own aquarium? Sounds exciting, right? Need tips and ideas for decorating your fish tank for the holidays? 


The first thing you must be mindful of is being prudent if you decide to decorate a tank. Make a simple checklist of what things you will need. Following these tips will make it easy and free up more time and energy to appreciate your fish aquarium. Please see below for the following steps and tips:

Finding a reputable store like (Fishyhub). Make a Checklist of all the essential things needed for your aquarium. You can do your research or ask for help from Fishyhub. Being prepared is ideal for starting this kind of hobby. 

The size of an aquarium is an essential thing when choosing new fish. It matters in the long run. Giving the fish enough room to swim around. Smaller fish will also be more affordable and easier to handle for beginners. Make sure to maintain the tank’s ideal temperature and optimum oxygen level. Proper lighting, air pumps, and filters are necessary. 

Freshwater fish tanks are more specific and easy to maintain than saltwater fish tanks. While saltwater fish tanks are more colorful than freshwater tanks. Every fish is different. Select a sustainable setup, either a freshwater aquarium or saltwater but be aware that saltwater aquariums require more maintenance. However, a freshwater aquarium is undoubtedly recommended for a beginner. 

Be persistent about the size and number of fish since it will determine the size of the aquarium, which eventually affects the space needed. 

Fish are delicate and sometimes unpredictable, so a hobbyist needs to study and learn every detail of the fish. Starting from their diet. What does the pet fish eat? Make sure to have the means and dedication before getting a new one. 

Getting a peaceful fish doesn’t require much attention since they can live peacefully and independently. 

Setting up a small tank in Singapore ranges between $300 and $500 on average, not including materials. But, it’s cheaper to assemble your own. After figuring out which fish, it becomes easier to find out the actual cost of the aquarium, depending on the fish and how many fish, the size, the food supply, and other equipment. 

Personalize your Tank

A unique way to dress up your fish tank for the holidays is you can add some personalized ornaments inside the tank to create an exquisite look. Make it more you, add something that represents you, or select a theme that suits your taste and personality. 

During holidays, a simple tank can definitely help us relax, reconnect and recharge. This time provides an opportunity to expand our time to learn through experiences, learn about different activities, or create new hobbies. 

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