10 Recommended Aquarium Stores in Singapore

Fishkeeping is already getting the interest of many Singaporeans nowadays since it is low maintenance and has significant benefits. In this current setting, owning an aquarium is such an ideal hobby. 

Getting an aquarium for the first time is quite intricate and not easy, so here are the most recommended aquariums shops around Singapore. There are extensive lists of Aquarium Shops, but these shops got desirable recommendations on the internet. 

10 Recommended Aquarium Store in Singapore 


One of the rising Aquarium marketplaces here in Singapore because of its promising vision to help, especially the new hobbyists to build their dream fish tank. Convenient for a one-stop online store for aquatic needs. Fishyhub aims to bring the exceptional joy of owning a fish tank to clients.

Aside from that, clients may build aquariums efficiently and intelligently using AI and gamification, which they thoroughly studied with a deep understanding of using digital technology. They also offer Aquarium Starter Packs at a very reasonable price if you want to get one. 

Website: https://fishyhub.com 

Facebook Page: FishyHub

Instagram: FishyHub

Address: Singapore, Singapore

2. TOH Aquarium

TOH Aquarium was established in 2017. This shop is also known for items like aquarium tanks, accessories, filters and semi-automated water changing systems, and over 200 fish tanks. Toh Aquarium has betta fishes as well.  

Website: tohaquarium.com/

Facebook Page: tohaquarium 

Instagram: tohaquarium

Address: Block 63 Kallang Bahru #01-435 Singapore

3. East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre

East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre is one of Singapore’s longest-running aquarium companies. With over 5000 aquatic products to choose from and variations of aquatic products. This company offers aquascaping and aquaculture consultancy.

Website: eastoceansg.com

Facebook Page: EastOceanAquatic

Instagram: eastoceansg

Address: Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-699, Singapore 

4. Fresh N Marine

Fresh N Marine has a range of expertise from design to freshwater, marine supplies, and accessories. This shop has various types of freshwater fishes for your aquarium too. They also have nano and custom-built tanks ready. 

Website: freshmarine.com

Facebook Page: Fresh N Marine

Instagram: freshnmarine

Address: 79 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore

5. OTF Aquarium Farm

OTF Aquarium Farm is also a well-known breeder of Asian Arowana and stingrays. They have been in the business for over 30 years, and aside from fish, OTF sells different types of aquariums, aquatic plants, and more. 

Website: otf.com.sg

Facebook Page: OTFaquarium

Instagram: otfaquariumfarmsg

Address: 63 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore

6. NA Nature Aquarium

 NA Nature Aquarium offers lightweight, slim, and compact tanks that fit small spaces. Nano aquariums and breeding box satellites are their main product, mostly made of acrylic, the standard material for a tank. They both have a physical shop and an online site.

Website: nanatureaquarium.com

Facebook: NA Nature Aquarium

Instagram: nanatureaquarium

Address: 1 Thomson Road, #01-340 Balestier Hill Shopping Centre, Singapore

7.AMB Aquatic Hub

AMB Aquatic Hub sells marine and tropical exotic fishes and a wide range of marine accessories. They are good in custom-made tanks and various selections of accessories to decorate your aquarium.

Website: ambaquatichub.com

Facebook: amb aquatic hub

Instagram: amb_aquarium

Address: 176 Orchard Rd, #B2-02, Singapore

8. Madpetz Aquatic Studio

Madpetz Aquatic Studio is a shop with plenty of choices for aquatic-related needs. They make different aquariums, marine equipment, fish foods, and more. They are conveniently online and do have a physical store. 

Website: madpetzonline.com

Facebook: madpetz aquatic studio

Instagram: madpetzaquaticstudio

Address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-1287 Block 607, Singapore 

9. Aquamarin Aquatic Pets

At AquaMarin Aquatic Pets, several products like corals, water accessories, fish foods, pumps, and fish tanks are available. There are numerous colorful fish, and some one-of-a-kind species can be found here. They do have an approachable and knowledgeable staff for any assistance.

Website: aquamarin.com.sg

Facebook: aquamarin singapore

Instagram: aquamarin.singapore

Address: 32 Jln Selaseh, Singapore

10. N30

Supporting aquarium hobbyists, N30 is one of Singapore’s largest fish tank makers. They can install and customize high-quality tanks in all sizes, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They can do individual big tanks with a warranty for water leakage, including maintenance, supplies, and glassworks. 

Website: n30.com.sg

Facebook: aquamarin singapore

Instagram: aquamarin.singapore

Address: Blk 5038, #01-427, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 

Almost all shops offer delivery, so it is very convenient and easy. You can comfortably choose and purchase your aquarium online. 

This article aims, for one thing, to provide the best list of aquarium shops in Singapore to choose from. There you go; these are all the best among the best. Make sure to consider things before getting one. 



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