FishyHub Interview with Ikan Billy

We recently have the privilege and honor of interviewing Little Ong, also known as Ikan Billy (his aquascaper moniker), who conducts aquajar and minipond workshops for beginners and experienced aquarists alike.

Aquajars or jarrariums are small aquatic vessels of an underwater ecosystem of plants and aquatic creatures. With only the power of light – no filter, no oxygen bubbler, no CO2 – and your loving care, you can have a thriving aquatic garden that’s a constant feast for your eyes.

Through his workshops, you will learn about the ecology of a freshwater aquarium, designing and crafting of a miniature aquascape, planting methods and maintenance techniques to ensure that your beautiful jarrarium will have a special place in your room or on your desk.

Discover what goes on behind the scenes and mind of Little Ong that led him to turn his passion into something that everyone can share and enjoy.

  1.  Please tell us something about yourself and your backgroundI’m in the creative industry where I have been a designer, photographer, illustrator and curator among the various hats that I have worn. I work as the creative director of fFurious, a creative agency that I’d co-founded in 1999. The work we do spans across multidisciplines from branding to digital to environmental for wide ranging clients from the arts to consumer products to the semiconductor industry.
  2.  What inspired you to start Ikan Billy?
  3. What challenges did you face while starting up?
  4. Is it easy to do aquascaping? Is it expensive? Is it hard to maintain?
  5. From where do you or most people draw inspiration to create beautiful aquascapes?
  6.  Why should people take up this hobby/ activity?
  7. How has the circuit breaker period affected this activity?
  8.  How many aquariums, aquascapes do you have at home?
  9. Show us your proudest creation and what is the source of creativity that drove this creation?
  10. Any advice in general that you can give to beginners in aquariums and aquascaping?
  11. Tell us about the workshops and services that you provide.

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